Thursday, November 12, 2009

Naomi with a Rope

The inspiration for today's painting came from a magazine photo where a woman was pulling back a curtain to look out a window. In the studio, for some unknown reason, I decided to hang a rope from the ceiling and have the model hold it rather than a curtain. I suppose the rope lent a certain mystery, which turned out to be apropos to Naomi. She modeled for me only once. She was smart, enthusiastic, and fun to work with. I looked forward to more sessions with her, but unfortunately I could never get her to return. I'm still hoping I'll have another chance someday.
oil on linen panel, 8 x 6 inches, 2009


  1. Outstanding Charles. This is a very enigmatic piece. Its very thought provoking and allegorical ....I like....

  2. I really appreciate the beauty you've captured
    in all these paintings. They are wonderful.
    Very inspiring Chales, Bravo!

  3. Charles- This is my favorite! I love the otherworldly quality of the light and the interesting shapes created by her hands and arms. Gorgeous! --Elise