Saturday, January 16, 2010


The idea for this painting came from an old Vogue magazine. I added the mirror however. The hands belong to my son, Gabriel. Regarding the theme, I think the title says enough. We've all been there.
oil on canvas panel, 6 x 8 inches, 2010


  1. Charles I recently broke my foot and I cant put any weight on it but I have to visit you and see these beauties in person. I am so glad you are in my neck of the woods. I cant wait to see them.
    This painting is so good. I take that back, it doesnt say enough.
    This is art at its finest. That strand of hair on her back gave me butterflies. I just started moving into figurative work. And it is nice to know that there is someone in Michigan producing high art.
    Just beautiful my friend

  2. This is class Charles! The mirror adds too.

  3. I showed this series of paintings to my niece and she was just amazed at all of them. This one is just a little mysterious and the detail is so perfect it almost looks like a photo.

  4. Great painting Charles, You are just getting better all the time . keep up with the good work

  5. I love everything about this painting!