Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amber in Red

I cropped the figure more than I thought I would at first, but I still think that the conch shell serves to restate the femininity of the form. The chair is one that I have used many times because its subtle curvilinear design always seems to rhyme with my subject. Someone once said that the problem for modern painting was what to do with the background. I think they were on to something, but in this instance I can live with all the open space. If anyone can attribute that quote I would appreciate hearing from you.
oil on linen panel, 6 x 8 inches, 2010


  1. You really captured the light on this one, even coming through the shell. Beautiful.

  2. This woman is absolutely stunning! I love the red hair! Great job!

  3. This figure in light is radiant! She glows with

  4. Amber in Red is amazing. The way you get the texture of the canvas or linen to respond to the paint makes your paintings glow even more.
    Just beautiful

  5. Hi Chas., First time by, FB lead me here. Your figure in light is beautiful. Your use of color in Amber in Red is inspiring. I will be checking back often.

  6. Hi, Charles, Very successful piece. I'm always intrigued at the impact of a small, well-placed object can have on a composition. To my eye the shell pulls the figure to the light side, and balances with it. Lots of movement. Beautiful.

  7. Someday I will beg for a painting from you.