Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ben's Trains

This painting was for a little boy who loves trains, and whose father is a distinguished art collector. Trains seem timeless in their fascination for children, even as their role has declined, at least in America.
oil on linen panel, 6 x 8 inches, 2010

1 comment:

  1. When I was younger, much younger, we all had or wanted a train set.
    I remember those wooden tracks! I then got a train that blew smoke.
    The neighbor had a real fancy set up in the basement.
    A family friend that was a tool & dye tradesman made a scaled version, track and all.
    It ran around his front & backyard and stoped for water and coal!
    It would give rides to us.
    Trains used to whistle at night and hum us to sleep.
    I hear one now as I type this comment!(usually
    wed. & fri.)
    Charles, your painting reminds me of the fun
    and enjoyment trains bring. Thanks for this post!