Saturday, December 12, 2009

Amber's Image

We just returned from the Dearborn Holiday Choral Festival and it was wonderful. Christmas music always evokes a sense of magic and awe, and as I sat there listening I thought about how painting might do the same. I thought about tonight's painting, and how Amber is seen once and then once again "through a glass darkly". I don't feel that I have achieved all that I would like with my work. Perhaps the mirror is my signature metaphor, as it offers a mere reflection of reality. Yet there are some great works in music and art that seem to shatter the illusion and show us the world as it is. For me these tend to be works that are joyful and hopeful, like what we heard tonight.
oil on linen panel, 6 x 8 inches, 2009


  1. Charles, after reading your comment of Amber's
    Image, my thought was that you are a painter, and a thinker.
    So maybe this is a self portrait of sorts, as
    it evokes a Rodan "Thinker" in a contemorary
    Genius Charles, I think you got what you went after.

  2. Hi Charles - This is a really great example of the mirror in art. Masterfully done!

  3. OOPS! Forgive my spelling.
    Rodin is the artist's correct spelling.
    Also I ment to spell contemporary.
    I guess I just get nervous around pretty girls! Sorry