Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I liked how the figure seemed to just topple over onto the table. Her hair looks as if it might be wet, and the blue sheet is just thrown across her naked body. Although I am the author, I am at a loss for an interpretation. I just like how it came together.
oil on linen panel, 5 x 7 inches, 2008


  1. Charles, there is much information here.
    Sheer reality would be first in line.
    The gaze in her eye and nakedness is contrast
    to the wet hair and blue sheet.
    like getting out of the shower, but not quite put together to meet the day.
    The emotion is so real it hurts.

  2. You interpretation of the human form is wonderful but I like to pick out things, such as the fabric and table in this painting. You always surprise me with how real it all is.

  3. Great work, I like every element of the painting, for the interpretation , seems that she had a party the night before, and she can not hold her head straight, congratulation for your fine work

  4. Like the way the body fills the painting, ones eye enjoying the light blue folds of fabric, then focusing on the heaviness of her head on the worn table.