Saturday, April 10, 2010

Green Hat

In a recent painting I was mildly criticized for depicting a redhead in a red hat, a fashion blunder it seems. On Amber's next visit to the studio she presented me with this green hat, which she kindly donated to my collection.
oil on linen panel, 8 x 6 inches, 2010


  1. The expression in the mirror is perfect! She is
    thinking, how does this look?!
    How you can paint these are an amazment in itself, Bravo Charles!
    The fact these are 6x8 is increadable! An act of artistic skill and much dedication to your painting is only part of this recipe.
    What a joy to view!

  2. Fabu! Charles! I am with Bill, I've mentioned it a hundred times, how you work so small is incredible. Your brushes must be made by mice.

  3. Bill, it said my comment posted, but I am not seeing it. I will check back later. (Tina)

  4. Thanks Charles. Do you paint on these on consecutive days or is there a drying day? I have this issue with my whites. I personally like the red hat...faux pas or not, but this is nice too!