Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mirror of Melancholy

This is derived from an earlier, larger painting. I continue to be interested in how paint might suggest a reflected image as opposed to an actual one. It's a subtle difference that I want to continue to explore.

oil on canvas panel, 8 x 6 inches, 2010


  1. Good work Charles, The light coming on the figure is very well done. and yes she looks melancholic. Some one should take her dancing.

  2. Another successful composition, Charles. The frame of the mirror introduces an interesting element of uncertainty, making the viewer linger and take a second look.

  3. Lovely painting , like the light and like the colours.

  4. This painting is a sad song to me. That bit of light across her hair and face evokes a feeling of looking through tear filled eyes.
    As always Charles, amazing.

  5. Beautiful painting. Very moving. Makes me wonder what has made her feel this way. You have captured deep emotion. Love the light in this piece.