Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jordyn with Pearls

Jordyn has a wonderful vintage clothing collection, as evidenced by this fur stole. The hat, however, is contemporary. I thought it was perfect for this over-the-shoulder, Vermeer like composition. When this painting was dry I applied a thin glaze of crimson to her lips to slightly pronounce their color. I also used a touch of cobalt to hint at her deep blue eyes. Jordyn, by the way, is herself quite a talented artist.
oil on panel, 6x6" inches, 2009


  1. The brush strokes and color blending are so nice in this painting...rich and evocative.

  2. Beautiful job on the fur stole... I can stare at this warm, cozy, and as Lauri says, "rich and evocative"" painting, for a long time.

  3. stunning portrait and great blog. r.

  4. Very nice. I have to say this is my favorite of this series.

  5. excellent works Charles. i know you are doing mostly small like 6x6 maybe future works i like to see 11x14 or bigger.
    as an artist i love art and beauty and you captured it perfect!